Sea that divides the land

Inlet in Jaredite Lands

Sea that divides the land

The place where the sea divides the land is a significant geographical feature mentioned briefly but notably in the Book of Mormon. Found in the book of Ether, it describes an area where a body of water creates a division between two masses of land. Ether 10:20 specifically mentions that the Jaredite leader, Lib, constructed a formidable city adjacent to this natural landmark, which was situated by the narrow neck of land. This city, unnamed in the text, was emblematic of the Jaredite civilization’s prosperity and their ability to harness the natural features of their land for the benefit of their society.

As suggested by the scriptural account, the area where the sea divides the land was near a narrow passage, arguably an isthmus, which holds strategic value in ancient cultures for trade and defense. Moreover, the Jaredite peoples took advantage of the surrounding natural resources, prospering from the rich deposits of gold, silver, copper, and iron, as well as from an abundance of wildlife in the region (Ether 9:17-19). The eradication of deadly serpents that previously occupied the area further facilitated the Jaredites’ use of the southern wilderness for hunting (Ether 10:19).

The description of the place where the sea divides the land, while sparing, invites a recognition of its importance as a cultural and geographic nexus for the Jaredites. It is illustrative of the strategic and economic foresight of Jaredite leaders like Lib. Furthermore, this particular geographical notation enhances understanding of the Nephite and Lamanite civilizations’ territory and their interaction with the land, despite the absence of explicit detail regarding the city’s precise location or name. The textual mention of this sea dividing the land emphasizes its enduring role in the demarcation and utilization of the land by the Jaredite people.


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