Shilom Fields

Livestock grazing area near Shilom

Shilom Fields

The fields near Shilom, as conveyed through the Book of Mormon, are pastoral areas to the south of the settlement of Shilom. These lands were essential for the Nephites during King Zeniff's reign, serving as a place for agricultural activity and livestock grazing, needed for the community's sustenance and economy.

In the text from Mosiah 9:14, a grim event is described. Amidst the routine activities of watering and feeding flocks, and tending to the fields, the Nephite people were ambushed by a large group of Lamanites. During this attack, not only were Nephites slain, but the fruits of their labor—both the flocks and the harvested crops—were forcibly taken. This moment illustrates the fields near Shilom as sites of vulnerability and violence, overshadowing their role as areas of nourishment and productivity for the Nephite settlers.


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