City in the Land of Nephi


Shimnilom is described in the Book of Mormon as one of the smaller Lamanite cities encountered by Ammon and his fellow missionaries during their mission to spread the teachings of Christ among the Lamanites. The city’s significance stems from the mass conversion of its inhabitants to the teachings of Christ, which was a remarkable event considering the historical animosity between the Lamanites and Nephites. The people of Shimnilom, along with those of other nearby cities, experienced a profound spiritual transformation and collectively covenanted to lay down their weapons of war, adopting the name Anti-Nephi-Lehies as a signifier of their commitment to peace and devotion to God (Alma 23:8–17).

While the Book of Mormon does not provide detailed geographical or demographic information about Shimnilom, it implies that the city, being isolated and with little territory under its control, was likely small and possibly established with specific purposes in mind, such as defense or as a military outpost. Similar to other small cities mentioned in the book, Shimnilom may have served a function within its broader sociopolitical context, though its primary mention in the text is due to its inhabitants’ spiritual conversion rather than any military or economic significance.


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