Land of Sidom

City near Ammonihah where Zeezrom, Alma and Amulek retreat

Land of Sidom

The land of Sidom is a Nephite region mentioned as the destination of Alma and Amulek after their rejection and persecution in the land of Ammonihah. Situated near Ammonihah, Sidom served as a place of refuge for those who had been cast out and stoned for their belief in the teachings of Alma. Upon arriving in Sidom, Alma and Amulek found these distressed believers and provided them with spiritual nourishment and support. In particular, they encountered Zeezrom, who was lying sick with a burning fever caused by the mental anguish and guilt of his previous opposition to Alma and Amulek. After Zeezrom expressed his repentance, he was miraculously healed by Alma in response to his nascent faith in Christ, an event that caused great astonishment among the people of Sidom (Alma 15:3-11).

Alma recognized the burgeoning faith among the people in Sidom and responded by establishing a church in the area. He consecrated priests and teachers to baptize all those desiring to join the faith, indicating the successful growth and outreach of the church there. The group of new converts in Sidom began actively practicing their faith, assembling together and demonstrating a communal humility before God (Alma 15:13-14). Sidom’s inclusion in the scriptures highlights the transformative impact of Alma and Amulek’s missionary efforts and stands as a testament to the power of redemption and the establishment of the Church among the Nephites during this period, around 81 B.C.


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