Land and Valley of Corihor

Military Campground of the Army of Shiz

Land and Valley of Corihor

The Land and Valley of Corihor, mentioned briefly in the Book of Mormon, served as a strategic military campground during the final catastrophic wars among the Jaredites. It is a location where the army of Shiz withdrew after suffering severe casualties at the hands of Coriantumr’s forces. Having retreated to the Land of Corihor, the army of Shiz regrouped and expelled the inhabitants of that land who refused to join their ranks (Ether 14:27). This aggressive action ensured that Shiz’s depleted forces could swell in number and secure a base for further operations.

The land’s relative position to other notable Jaredite geography is not detailed, but it is within proximity to the Valley of Shurr and the Hill Comnor, suggesting that it is part of the hilly area near the east sea in the land northward (Ether 14:28). It was in the area near Comnor where Coriantumr regrouped his army and sounded a trumpet to challenge Shiz to battle, signifying that the Valley of Corihor was likely close to the front lines of this extended conflict between the two decaying powers. The outcome of engagements in and around this valley contributed to the unfolding tragedy of the Jaredite civilization, which ultimately led to its complete annihilation in warfare, leaving the land desolate in the aftermath of these battles.


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