Gathering place for Jaredites

In Mesopotamia

Gathering place for Jaredites

The valley of Nimrod served as a pivotal gathering place for the Jaredites during their journey from the great tower, often associated with the Tower of Babel, to the promised land described as “choice above all the lands of the earth” (Ether 1:42). This valley, named after Nimrod, who is noted in the Bible as a mighty hunter, became a key point of departure for Jared, his brother—later known as the brother of Jared—and their families and friends. Here, in the valley northward, they brought together their flocks and prepared for their journey into the wilderness (Ether 2:1).

It was in this valley that the Lord communicated with the brother of Jared. Despite the Lord’s presence being obscured by a cloud, the divine directives issued here were clear. The inhabitants of the valley were commanded to leave their initial place of gathering and venture forth into the wilderness, marking the beginning of their arduous trek to the seashore and subsequently across the ocean to their destination (Ether 2:4-5). Thus, the valley of Nimrod stands out as an initial staging ground for one of the epic migrations in the Book of Mormon narrative, where the Lord’s guidance first became an integral part of the Jaredite’s journey.


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