Recolonization of the Land of Nephi

Encounter with the Lamanites

Mosiah 9:4–5

The group arrives at Shilom, on the outskirts of the land of Nephi, where they meet the Lamanite king, Laman.

Nevertheless, after many days’ wandering in the wilderness we pitched our tents in the place where our brethren were slain, which was near to the land of our fathers. And it came to pass that I went again with four of my men into the city, in unto the king, that I might know of the disposition of the king, and that I might know if I might go in with my people and possess the land in peace.

Mosiah 9:6–7, 10

The king, holding a secret plan, agrees to allow Zeniff and his people to occupy the land.

And I went in unto the king, and he covenanted with me that I might possess the land of Lehi–Nephi, and the land of Shilom. And he also commanded that his people should depart out of the land, and I and my people went into the land that we might possess it.

now it was the cunning and the craftiness of king Laman, to bring my people into bondage, that he yielded up the land that we might possess it.