Alma’s Ministry in Ammonihah

Initial Rejection in Ammonihah

Alma 8:6–7
Alma travels from Melek to Ammonihah.
Alma 8:8–10
Alma, aware of the city’s problems, prays for strength and success.
Alma 8:11–12
The people of Ammonihah are not receptive to Alma, and do not consider his authority legitimate.
Alma 8:13
The people spit on Alma and kick him out of the city, so he heads towards the city of Aaron.

Angelic Visit

Alma 8:14–15
As he was traveling, the same angel that appeared to him as a youth appears again and comforts Alma.
Alma 8:16–17
The angel tells Alma to go back to Ammonihah and warn them that destruction awaits them if they do not repent.

Meeting Amulek

Alma 8:18
Alma returns to Ammonihah, this time taking an alternate route.
Alma 8:19
As he enters the city, he meets a man and asks him for some food.
Alma 8:20
The man tells Alma that an angel had told him to receive a prophet—he recognizes Alma as that prophet.
Alma 8:21–22
The man’s name is Amulek; he and Alma enjoy a meal together.
Alma 8:23–26
Alma explains to Amulek that he is on an errand from God, and that the people of Ammonihah had rejected him, but he is now required to go back.
Alma 8:27–29
Alma and Amulek prepare together for many days—the Lord then tells Alma to have Amulek join him in his preaching to the people.

Continued Preaching

Alma 8:30–32
Alma and Amulek go out to the people, filled with the spirit.
Alma 9:1–3
The people, thinking Alma still alone, are unimpressed by his preaching.
Alma 9:4–5
They say they will not believe Alma’s word, even if he should prophesy the destruction of the city.
Alma 9:6
The people, apparently not noticing Amulek, ask why God would only send one messenger.
Alma 9:7–30
The people try to hurt Alma, but he stops them, and lectures them about their sins, their heritage, and the coming of Christ.
Alma 9:31–33
The people are furious with Alma.
Alma 9:34
Amulek then steps up and takes a turn speaking.
Alma 10:1–11
Amulek tells his story and his reasons for preaching.
Alma 10:12–13
The people are shocked to see that Alma had backup, and was not alone.
Alma 10:14–16
Many of the people opposing Alma and Amulek are lawyers, well trained in the skills of interrogation.
Alma 10:17–23
Amulek, aware of the intentions of the lawyers, reproves them all calls them to repentance.
Alma 10:24
The people are offended, and accuse Amulek of slander against the lawyers.
Alma 10:25–27
Amulek responds boldly by pointing out their corruption and associates them with Satan.
Alma 10:28–29
The people, even more angry now, accuse Amulek of treason and dishonesty.
Alma 10:30–31
The forefront accuser was a skilled lawyer named Zeezrom.
Alma 10:32, 11:20
A lawyer would get money based on the number of cases he participates in; as such, lawyers would purposely cause disturbances among the people to initiate more court cases.

Exchange Between Amulek and Zeezrom

Alma 11:21
Zeezrom asks Amulek if he will answer a few questions.
Alma 11:22
Amulek says he will respond according to the will of God.
Alma 11:22
Zeezrom offers Amulek a sum of money to deny the existence of God.
Alma 11:23–25
Amulek vehemently refuses, and rebukes Zeezrom.
Alma 11:25–27
Zeezrom then asks Amulek if there is a God; Amulek says yes.
Alma 11:28–29
Zeezrom asks if there is more than one God; Amulek says no.
Alma 11:30–31
Zeezrom asks how Amulek knows these things; Amulek says that an angel told him.
Alma 11:32–33
Zeezrom asks if the prophecy of the person who will come refers to the Son of God; Amulek says it does.
Alma 11:34
Zeezrom asks if the Son of God will save his people in their sins; Amulek says no.
Alma 11:35
Zeezrom scoffs at Amulek’s comments, trying to find fault.
Alma 11:36–37
Amulek refutes Zeezrom’s comments and explains that you cannot be save in your sins.
Alma 11:38
Zeezrom asks Amulek if the Son of God is the Eternal Father.
Alma 11:39–46
Amulek explains that the Son of God is the Eternal Father will come to save those who believe in him; he also teaches about the resurrection and judgment.

Alma’s Teachings

Alma 12:1
Alma, seeing that the people have been silenced, steps up to speak.
Alma 12:2–6
Alma, in front of a growing crowd, tells Zeezrom that he has been caught in his tricks.
Alma 12:7
Zeezrom is noticeably shaken by the turn of events; he begins to believe Alma and Amulek.
Alma 12:8
Zeezrom, now sincerely inquiring, asks about the resurrection and judgement.
Alma 12:9–18
Alma talks about death, resurrection, judgment, and redemption.
Alma 12:19–21
Out of the dumbfounded crowd comes a chief ruler who asks about the process of going from mortal to immortal, Adam and Eve, and the tree of life.
Alma 13:31–14:1
Alma speaks many more things, and a large number of people believe his words and immediately repent and start reading the scriptures.

Trial of Alma and Amulek and Execution of Believers

Alma 14:2–4
However, most people just become more angry, so; they tie up Alma and Amulek and take them to the chief judge of Ammonihah.
Alma 14:5
The people testify against Alma and Amulek to the chief judge.
Alma 14:6–7
Zeezrom, on the other hand, is aware of his faults, and defends Alma and Amulek in front of the chef judge.
Alma 14:7
The people, disgusted by Zeezrom’s defense, kick him out of the city and throw rocks at him, along with anyone else who believes Alma and Amulek.
Alma 14:8
The people gather the wives and children of those who had been cast out, build a huge fire, and throw them in along with all religious documents and texts.
Alma 14:9
Alma and Amulek, still tied up, are taken to watch the people being burned.
Alma 14:10
Amulek, clearly disturbed by the sight, suggest they use the power of God to stop the murder.
Alma 14:11
Alma says he feels they shouldn’t: they are being received by God, and their blood will stain those who murder them.
Alma 14:12
Amulek wonders if they will be burned also.
Alma 14:13
Alma puts their fate in the Lord’s hands, but knows his work is not yet finished.

Alma and Amulek in Prison

Alma 14:14–16
After the burning, the chief judge approaches Alma and Amulek, slaps them across the face, and tells them that they are powerless, despite their God.
Alma 14:17
Alma and Amulek do not respond. The chief judge slaps them again, and sends them to prison.
Alma 14:18
While Alma and Amulek are in prison, many lawyers come to taunt them, but Alma and Amulek decline all comment.
Alma 14:19
The chief judge comes in, reminds them that they are at his mercy, and tells them to say something, but Alma and Amulek remain silent.
Alma 14:20
The next day, the chief judge comes back, and smacks them again—many others come in to harass them.
Alma 14:21
The people continue taunting Alma and Amulek.
Alma 14:22
Alma and Amulek are abused and mocked in prison for a long time.

Deliverance from Prison

Alma 14:23–24
The chief judge again returns with many others, smacks them yet again, and challenges them to have their God deliver them.
Alma 14:25–26
Everyone takes a turn roughing up Alma and Amulek, then finally Alma and Amulek stand up, praying mightily for deliverance.
Alma 14:26–27
Alma and Amulek break the ropes that they were tied up with; the earth shakes, and the prison walls fall down, crushing the chief judge and his associates.
Alma 14:28
Alma and Amulek walk away from the prison rubble unhurt.
Alma 14:29
Having heard the noise, many people come to to see what happened, and seeing Alma and Amulek emerge, they run away in fear.

Escape to Sidom

Alma 15:1–2
Alma and Amulek leave Ammonihah, and go to a land called Sidom. There they find the people that had been cast out earlier and tell them what had happened.
Alma 15:3
Zeezrom is among them, and is sick with a fever, tormented by his guilt.
Alma 15:4
When he hears that Alma and Amulek had arrived, he requests that they come visit him.
Alma 15:5
Alma and Amulek immediately go to Zeezrom, who asks them to heal him.
Alma 15:6
Alma asks Zeezrom if he believes in Christ.
Alma 15:7
Zeezrom says he believes everything that they have taught.
Alma 15:8
Alma tells him that if he believes in Christ’s redemption, he can be healed.
Alma 15:9
Zeezrom says he believes all of Alma’s words.
Alma 15:10
Alma prays, asking for Zeezrom to be healed according to his faith.
Alma 15:11
Zeezrom immediately leaps up and begins walking.
Alma 15:12
Alma baptizes Zeezrom.
Alma 15:13–14
Alma establishes the church in Sidom, and many people join.
Alma 15:15
The people in Ammonihah are still wicked and heard–hearted.
Alma 15:16–17
The church in Sidom experiences much humility.
Alma 15:18–19
Alma returns to Zarahemla, and takes Amulek with him.