Alma’s Ministry in Ammonihah

Alma and Amulek in Prison

Alma 14:14–16

After the burning, the chief judge approaches Alma and Amulek, slaps them across the face, and tells them that they are powerless, despite their God.

Now it came to pass that when the bodies of those who had been cast into the fire were consumed, and also the records which were cast in with them, the chief judge of the land came and stood before Alma and Amulek, as they were bound; and he smote them with his hand upon their cheeks, and said unto them:

“After what ye have seen, will ye preach again unto this people, that they shall be cast into a lake of fire and brimstone? Behold, ye see that ye had not power to save those who had been cast into the fire; neither has God saved them because they were of thy faith.”

and the judge smote them again upon their cheeks, and asked:

“What say ye for yourselves?”

Now this judge was after the order and faith of Nehor, who slew Gideon.

Alma 14:17

Alma and Amulek do not respond. The chief judge slaps them again, and sends them to prison.

And it came to pass that Alma and Amulek answered him nothing; and he smote them again, and delivered them to the officers to be cast into prison.

Alma 14:18

While Alma and Amulek are in prison, many lawyers come to taunt them, but Alma and Amulek decline all comment.

And when they had been cast into prison three days, there came many lawyers, and judges, and priests, and teachers, who were of the profession of Nehor; and they came in unto the prison to see them, and they questioned them about many words; but they answered them nothing.

Alma 14:19

The chief judge comes in, reminds them that they are at his mercy, and tells them to say something, but Alma and Amulek remain silent.

And it came to pass that the judge stood before them, and said:

“Why do ye not answer the words of this people?
know ye not that I have power to deliver you up unto the flames?”

And he commanded them to speak; but they answered nothing.

Alma 14:20

The next day, the chief judge comes back, and smacks them again—many others come in to harass them.

And it came to pass that they departed and went their ways, but came again on the morrow; and the judge also smote them again on their cheeks. And many came forth also, and smote them, saying:

“Will ye stand again and judge this people,
and condemn our law?
if ye have such great power
why do ye not deliver yourselves?”

Alma 14:21

The people continue taunting Alma and Amulek.

And many such things did they say unto them, gnashing their teeth upon them, and spitting upon them, and saying:

“How shall we look when we are damned?”

Alma 14:22

Alma and Amulek are abused and mocked in prison for a long time.

And many such things, yea, all manner of such things did they say unto them; and thus they did mock them for many days. And they did withhold food from them that they might hunger, and water that they might thirst; and they also did take from them their clothes that they were naked; and thus they were bound with strong cords, and confined in prison.