Alma’s Words to Antionah and the People

The Fall of Man

Alma 12:22
Alma explains that humanity has become a lost and fallen people because of Adam’s partaking of the forbidden fruit.
Alma 12:23
If Adam had partaken of the fruit of the tree of life after the fall, he would have become immortal; this would invalidate the word of God.
Alma 12:23
Mankind became mortal, with time allotted to repent.
Alma 12:24
This life is a probationary state to prepare us to meet God, and to prepare for eternal life.

The Plan of Redemption

Alma 12:25
The plan of redemption enables the resurrection of the dead.
Alma 12:26
If Adam had hypothetically eaten of the fruit of the tree of life, they would be sealed in their probationary state, and the plan of redemption would be disrupted.
Alma 12:27
Death became a necessary part of the plan; and death is followed by judgement.
Alma 12:28–29
God sent angels unto men so they could see God’s glory and know the things that God had appointed.
Alma 12:30
From then on, people began to call on God’s name, and God taught the plan of redemption to the people by conversing with them.
Alma 12:31
God gave commandments to humanity, who had gained the capacity to discern good and evil.
Alma 12:32
The commandments prohibited doing evil, and the penalty for doing evil is the second death (a separation from goodness) which disables to power of the redemption.
Alma 12:33–34
Those who repent, and obtain mercy through the Only Begotten Son of God will obtain a remission of sins, all others will not.
Alma 12:36
Hardening your hearts will lead to the destruction of your souls, including the second death.
Alma 12:37
Let us repent, not harden our hearts, and enter into the rest of God.

Priests After the Holy Order

Alma 13:1–2
The Lord ordained priests after the Son of God so that the people would know how to look forward to redemption.
Alma 13:3
Priests were foreordained from the foundation of the world, and called because of their faith and goodness after being left to choose.
Alma 13:4
Others reject the Spirit of God and harden their hearts, thereby becoming ineligible for this same calling.
Alma 13:5
Everyone started with the same standing, but only those who didn’t harden their hearts and lived in and through the atonement were called.
Alma 13:6
Those who are ordained are called to teach the commandments to the people, so they can enter into the rest of the God.
Alma 13:7
This high priesthood is after the order of the Son of God, and was prepared according to the eternal knowledge of God.
Alma 13:8
Priests were called and ordained by a holy ordinance, thereby taking upon them the eternal priesthood.
Alma 13:9
Through this ordinance, they become high priests forever, after the order of the eternal Son of God, who is full of grace, equity, and truth.
Alma 13:10
Faith, repentance, and righteousness accounted for those who were ordained to become high priests of God.
Alma 13:11
Priests are called, sanctified, and purified.
Alma 13:12
Having been sanctified and purified, priests abhorred sin and entered into the rest of the Lord.


Alma 13:13
Humble yourselves and repent, that you may enter into the rest of God.
Alma 13:14
Humble yourselves as the people of the time of Melchizedek, who was also a priest after the order of God.
Alma 13:15
This Melchizedek received tithing from Abraham.
Alma 13:16
Ordinances were given as a type of the Son of God and his order, that people might look forward to remitted sins and to the rest of the Lord.
Alma 13:17
Melchizedek was king over a people who had gone astray.
Alma 13:18
Melchizedek taught repentance, established peace, and was called the prince of peace.
Alma 13:19
There were many priests before and after Melchizedek, but none greater than him.
Alma 13:20
The scriptures contain the rest of the account of Melchizedek.

The Day of Salvation

Alma 13:21
Alma directs his words to a broader audience, and speaks in a mighty voice.
Alma 13:21–22
Now is the time to repent, and angels declare that the day of salvation draws near.
Alma 13:23
We are favored to have these glad tidings declared among us in plain terms.
Alma 13:24
Angels declare these things to many people locally to prepare their hearts for the coming of the Lord.
Alma 13:25
We wait to hear of the coming of Christ from angels, whenever it may be.
Alma 13:26
Inspired holy men will proclaim the Lord’s coming when it occurs.

Repentence is Granted

Alma 13:27
Do not procrastinate your repentance, rather listen to my words and cast off your sins.
Alma 13:28
Humble yourselves, calling on his name, and be led and changed by the Holy Spirit.
Alma 13:29
Have faith, hope and love, that you may be lifted up into the rest of God.
Alma 13:30
May the Lord grant you repentance, that you may not suffer the second death.