Alma’s Ministry in Ammonihah

Trial of Alma and Amulek and Execution of Believers

Alma 14:2–4

However, most people just become more angry, so; they tie up Alma and Amulek and take them to the chief judge of Ammonihah.

But the more part of them were desirous that they might destroy Alma and Amulek; for they were angry with Alma, because of the plainness of his words unto Zeezrom; and they also said that Amulek had lied unto them, and had reviled against their law and also against their lawyers and judges.

And they were also angry with Alma and Amulek; and because they had testified so plainly against their wickedness, they sought to put them away privily. But it came to pass that they did not; but they took them and bound them with strong cords, and took them before the chief judge of the land.

Alma 14:5

The people testify against Alma and Amulek to the chief judge.

And the people went forth and witnessed against them— testifying that they had reviled against the law, and their lawyers and judges of the land, and also of all the people that were in the land; and also testified that there was but one God, and that he should send his Son among the people, but he should not save them; and many such things did the people testify against Alma and Amulek. Now this was done before the chief judge of the land.

Alma 14:6–7

Zeezrom, on the other hand, is aware of his faults, and defends Alma and Amulek in front of the chef judge.

And it came to pass that Zeezrom was astonished at the words which had been spoken; and he also knew concerning the blindness of the minds, which he had caused among the people by his lying words; and his soul began to be harrowed up under a consciousness of his own guilt; yea, he began to be encircled about by the pains of hell. And it came to pass that he began to cry unto the people, saying:

“Behold, I am guilty,
and these men are spotless before God.”

Alma 14:7

The people, disgusted by Zeezrom’s defense, kick him out of the city and throw rocks at him, along with anyone else who believes Alma and Amulek.

And he began to plead for them from that time forth; but they reviled him, saying:

"Art thou also possessed with the devil?"

And they spit upon him, and cast him out from among them, and also all those who believed in the words which had been spoken by Alma and Amulek; and they cast them out, and sent men to cast stones at them.

Alma 14:8

The people gather the wives and children of those who had been cast out, build a huge fire, and throw them in along with all religious documents and texts.

And they brought their wives and children together, and whosoever believed or had been taught to believe in the word of God they caused that they should be cast into the fire, and they also brought forth their records which contained the holy scriptures, and cast them into the fire also, that they might be burned and destroyed by fire.

Alma 14:9

Alma and Amulek, still tied up, are taken to watch the people being burned.

And it came to pass that they took Alma and Amulek, and carried them forth to the place of martyrdom, that they might witness the destruction of those who were consumed by fire.

Alma 14:10

Amulek, clearly disturbed by the sight, suggest they use the power of God to stop the murder.

And when Amulek saw the pains of the women and children who were consuming in the fire, he also was pained; and he said unto Alma:

“How can we witness this awful scene? Therefore let us stretch forth our hands, and exercise the power of God which is in us, and save them from the flames.”

Alma 14:11

Alma says he feels they shouldn’t: they are being received by God, and their blood will stain those who murder them.

But Alma said unto him:

“The Spirit constraineth me that I must not stretch forth mine hand; for behold the Lord receiveth them up unto himself, in glory; and he doth suffer that they may do this thing, or that the people may do this thing unto them, according to the hardness of their hearts, that the judgments which he shall exercise upon them in his wrath may be just; and the blood of the innocent shall stand as a witness against them, yea, and cry mightily against them at the last day.”

Alma 14:12

Amulek wonders if they will be burned also.

Now Amulek said unto Alma:

“Behold, perhaps they will burn us also.”

Alma 14:13

Alma puts their fate in the Lord’s hands, but knows his work is not yet finished.

And Alma said:

“Be it according to the will of the Lord.

But, behold, our work is not finished;
therefore they burn us not.”