Alma’s Sermon to the People of Gideon

A Contrast to Zarahemla

Alma 7:1–2
Alma begins by explaining how he was previously to busy to attend to the spiritual matters of the people as chief judge.
Alma 7:3
Alma is pleased that the people of Gideon are living righteously.
Alma 7:4–5
This is a welcome contrast to the state of the people in Zarahemla.
Alma 7:6
Alma trusts that the idolatry and wickedness which was in Zarahemla is not present in Gideon.

Prophecy of Christ

Alma 7:7–8
Alma prophesies of the coming of Christ; he mentions that Christ will not be mortal when he visits the Nephites.
Alma 7:9
Alma was told to command the people to repent and prepare for the Lord’s coming.
Alma 7:10–11
Jesus will be born of the virgin Mary, in the Holy Land.
Alma 7:12
Jesus will suffer and die for humanity—he will experience every human pain so he can know how to deal mercifully.
Alma 7:13
Jesus will suffer in order to expunge humanity’s sins.

Following Christ

Alma 7:14–16
Alma exhorts the people to be born again in Jesus Christ, to humble themselves, and trust in and follow Christ to be led to eternal life.
Alma 7:17
Alma is pleased that the people of Gideon believe and accept his words.
Alma 7:18
Alma again expresses his relief that the people of Gideon are not in the same state of wickedness that the people of Zarahemla were in.
Alma 7:19–20
Alma knows that the people of Gideon are on the right track, and they are following God’s unchanging path.
Alma 7:21
Filthiness cannot be accepted into the Kingdom of God.

Conclusion and Blessing

Alma 7:22–24
Alma encourages the people to be mindful of their responsibilities and to develop Christlike attributes.
Alma 7:25–27
Alma leaves his blessings upon the people of Gideon.