Alma’s Words to his Son Helaman

Alma’s Conversion Story

Alma 36:1–2
Remember the good graces of God.
Alma 36:3–5
Alma tells Helaman to listen to his conversion story.
Alma 36:6–9
Alma was out with sons of Mosiah, destroying the church, when an angel stopped them.
Alma 36:10–12
Alma was paralyzed for three days in spiritual anguish.
Alma 36:13–16
Alma remembered all his sins, and wished he could disapear out of guilt.
Alma 36:17–18
Alma remembered the teachings about Christ, and called out to Jesus in his pain.
Alma 36:19–23
Alma was freed from his torment, got up, and explained that he has been born of God.
Alma 36:24–26
From that point on, Alma has been diligent in serving the Lord.
Alma 36:27–29
Alma’s faith has supported him thorough all kinds of trials.
Alma 36:29–30
Alma has always remembered the past trials of his forbearers, and admonishes Helaman to do the same.

Transfer of Records

Alma 37:1–2
Alma passes the record–keeping responsibility to Helaman.
Alma 37:3–5
Alma reiterates how consequential the brass plates are to Nephite culture.
Alma 37:6–7
By small and simple means, God brings about great ends.
Alma 37:8–10
The records serve as invaluable reminders to the people, and are responsible for preserving prior knowledge concerning Jesus Christ.
Alma 37:11–12
Alma does not fully understand the value of the records his is keeping, but knows they are important.
Alma 37:13
Alma reminds Helaman that prosperity in the promised land in contingent upon keeping the commandments.
Alma 37:14–17
Failure to keep the commandments will also result in losing access to the records.
Alma 37:18–20
The records will be preserved and will serve as a tremendous resource for bringing people to a knowledge of God.

The Jaredites and the Twenty–Four Plates

Alma 37:21–22
Alma explains that the 24 plates contain the record of a fallen people who are to serve as a lesson for those who follow them.
Alma 37:23–25
The Lord has prepared a way for these records to be translated by means of “interpreters”.
Alma 37:26–29
The civilization which made the record has been destroyed, but the account of their demise is to be kept, so it can be learned from.
Alma 37:30–31
This fallen society had killed God’s prophets, and as such, had become cursed.

Instructions to Helaman as a Leader

Alma 37:32–34
Alma tells Helaman to teach the people about Jesus Christ.
Alma 37:35–37
Keep the commandments, and counsel with God.
Alma 37:38–40
Alma reminds Helaman of the Liahona, and how it had guided Lehi’s family.
Alma 37:41–42
Because of the simplicity of the Liahona, some lost faith, and in doing so lost their way.
Alma 37:43–45
History repeats, and many people in the future may lose faith and lose their way.
Alma 37:46–47
Alma concludes by exhorting Helaman to be diligent in living and preaching the gospel.