Korihor the Anti–Christ

Korihor’s Teachings in Zarahemla and Jershon

Alma 30:6
A man named Korihor comes into Zarahemla and begins teaching anti–Christian doctrines.
Alma 30:7–11
There were no laws prohibiting the expression of religious views—even dissenting ones.
Alma 30:12–16
Korihor challenges the people’s belief in Christ and salvation and dismisses their doctrines as foolish traditions.
Alma 30:17
Korihor goes on to teach that there is no atonement, no accountability, and that every man fends for himself.
Alma 30:18
Many people begin following Korihor and lose their inhibitions after hearing that there was no afterlife and thus no judgment.
Alma 30:19
Korihor moves on to the land of Jershon and begins preaching to the Ammonites.
Alma 30:20
Korihor meets Ammon, and is expelled from Jershon.

Arrest in Gideon

Alma 30:21
Korihor moves to Gideon, and begins preaching to them also; he is tied up and brought to the high priest.
Alma 30:22–23
The high priest, named Giddonah, asks Korihor why he is destroying the faith of others.
Alma 30:23
Korihor explains that he does not teach foolish tradition that makes people subject to their religious leaders.
Alma 30:24–27
Korihor criticizes the church for teaching the people that they fallen—he sees it as a way for church leaders to dominate over them.
Alma 30:28
Korihor explains how the people are oppressed by their priests, and are robbed of the freedom to think for themselves.
Alma 30:29
Giddonah does not attempt a rebuttal, and simply refers Korihor to Alma in Zarahemla.

Exchange with Alma in Zarahemla

Alma 30:30–31
Upon meeting Alma in Zarahemla, Korihor reiterates his previous comments.
Alma 30:32–35
Alma identifies the logical fallacy in claiming that the leaders are oppressing the people for their own gain and asks Korihor if he thinks that the leaders are deceiving the people.
Alma 30:36
Korihor says he does.
Alma 30:37–38
Alma asks if Korihor believes in God; Korihor answers no.
Alma 30:39–42
Alma confirms his convictions, and suspects that Korihor is lying.

Korihor’s Sign

Alma 30:43
Korihor asks for a sign from heaven.
Alma 30:44–45
Alma says that Korihor has had enough signs, and that all things denote there is a God.
Alma 30:45
Korihor insists on getting a sign.
Alma 30:46–47
Alma, sorrowed, promises that Korihor will be struck dumb if he should deny God again.
Alma 30:48
Korihor says he will not deny God, but just doesn’t believe, and until he gets a sign, will not believe.
Alma 30:49
Alma says that Korihor will be struck dumb.
Alma 30:50
Korihor is immediately struck dumb.
Alma 30:51
Korihor is given a piece of writing asking him if he is convinced.
Alma 30:52
Korihor writes back, confesses the power of God, and states that he always knew that God existed.
Alma 30:53
Korihor goes on to explain that he was deceived by an evil angel.
Alma 30:54
Korihor begs Alma to free him of his curse.
Alma 30:55
Alma says that Korihor would go back to his ways if that happened.

Korihor’s Demise in Antionum

Alma 30:56
Korihor is thrown out, and begins going door to door, begging.
Alma 30:57–58
The chief judge sends out a proclamation about Korihor’s fate, and many people become more faithful.
Alma 30:58–59
Korihor makes his way to Antionum, but is killed in a human stampede of Zoramites.
Alma 30:60
This serves as a lesson to all who go against God’s ways.