Korihor the Anti–Christ

Korihor’s Demise in Antionum

Alma 30:56

Korihor is thrown out, and begins going door to door, begging.

And it came to pass that the curse was not taken off of Korihor; but he was cast out, and went about from house to house begging for his food.

Alma 30:57–58

The chief judge sends out a proclamation about Korihor’s fate, and many people become more faithful.

Now the knowledge of what had happened unto Korihor was immediately published throughout all the land; yea, the proclamation was sent forth by the chief judge to all the people in the land, declaring unto those who had believed in the words of Korihor that they must speedily repent, lest the same judgments would come unto them.

And it came to pass that they were all convinced of the wickedness of Korihor; therefore they were all converted again unto the Lord; and this put an end to the iniquity after the manner of Korihor.

Alma 30:58–59

Korihor makes his way to Antionum, but is killed in a human stampede of Zoramites.

And Korihor did go about from house to house, begging food for his support. And it came to pass that as he went forth among the people, yea, among a people who had separated themselves from the Nephites and called themselves Zoramites, being led by a man whose name was Zoram—and as he went forth amongst them, behold, he was run upon and trodden down, even until he was dead.

Alma 30:60

This serves as a lesson to all who go against God’s ways.

And thus we see the end of him who perverteth the ways of the Lord; and thus we see that the devil will not support his children at the last day, but doth speedily drag them down to hell.