Alma’s Sermon to the Church in Zarahemla

Introduction and Reminders

Alma 5:2
Alma begins speaking.
Alma 5:3–5
Alma recaps his and is people’s heritage.
Alma 5:6
Have the people of Zarahemla remembered their heritage?
Alma 5:7
The Lord had changed the hearts of the audience’s forbearers; they were bound by the chains of hell.
Alma 5:8
But they were not destroyed.
Alma 5:9
The chains of hell were broken, and their souls were freed.
Alma 5:10
How were they saved?
Alma 5:11–13
The answer is found in the words of Abinadi, as taught to Alma’s father.

Meeting God at the Day of Judgment

Alma 5:14
Have you been born of God?
Alma 5:15
Do you have faith in the redemption and resurrection?
Alma 5:16–20
Are you ready to meet God at the judgment day?
Alma 5:21
Only those washed clean in the blood of Christ can answer yes.
Alma 5:22–23
How will you feel to stand in front of God, stained and filthy?
Alma 5:24
Will you have a seat waiting for you in heaven?
Alma 5:25
The answer is no.

Maintaining Favor with God

Alma 5:26–27
If you did at one point experience a change of heart, is your heart still changed now?
Alma 5:28
Are you free of pride?
Alma 5:29
Are you free of jealousy?
Alma 5:30
Do any of you belittle or torment others?
Alma 5:30–32
If yes, repentance is necessary.

Coming Unto Christ

Alma 5:33
Jesus invites all to come unto him.
Alma 5:34–36
All those who come unto Christ partake of the fruits of eternal life.
Alma 5:37–38
Those who do not listen to the Good Shepherd are not his sheep.
Alma 5:39
If Jesus is not your Shepherd, then the Devil is.
Alma 5:40–42
All good things come from God.

Alma’s Personal Motivations

Alma 5:43–44
Alma speaks plainly according to his calling.
Alma 5:45–46
Alma came to his convictions through fasting and prayer.
Alma 5:47–48
Alma knows that the teachings of their fathers are true, and that Jesus Christ will come.
Alma 5:49
Alma fulfills his responsibility to preach to everyone that they must be born again.

The Call to Repentance

Alma 5:50
The ends of the earth are called to repentance.
Alma 5:50
The kingdom of heaven will soon shine forth among all.
Alma 5:51
The spirit commanded Alma to preach repentance.
Alma 5:52
The Lord says that all those not bringing forth good fruit will be destroyed.

Conclusion and Invitation

Alma 5:53
Can you reject these things?
Alma 5:54–56
Will you continue in your pride and stubbornness?
Alma 5:57–58
All those wishing to come unto Christ must distinguish themselves and be added to the book of life.
Alma 5:58–59
Resistance is futile—wolves that enter a flock of sheep are eventually killed.
Alma 5:60
The Good Shepherd is calling to you—follow him and become one of his sheep.
Alma 5:61–62
Alma concludes with an invitation to come unto Christ by repentance and baptism.