Mission to the Zoramites in Antionum

The Zoramites’ Mode of Worship

Alma 31:12–13
Upon arriving in Antionum, the missionaries discover that the Zoramites have an organized religion unlike anything they had seen before.
Alma 31:14–18
Their manner of worship consisted of climbing up a large tower and repeating a blasphemous prayer.
Alma 31:19–23
Alma and the missionaries are shocked to see them worship in this repetitious and vain manner.

Preparation to Teach

Alma 31:24–25
Alma is sad to see that the city is caught up the pursuit of riches and pride.
Alma 31:26–35
Alma prays for success in preaching to the people, and asks for a blessing to be upon him and the other missionaries.
Alma 31:36
Alma finishes his prayer, claps his hands, and is filled with the spirit.
Alma 31:37–38
The missionaries split up and go out to preach the gospel.
Alma 39:3–4
Corianton gets sidetracked to pursue a love interest with a harlot named Isabel.

Missionaries’ Teachings

Alma 32:1
The missionaries begin preaching.
Alma 32:2–3
After much work, they begin to see success with the low–income demographic, who are not permitted to worship with the others.
Alma 38:3–4
Shiblon is captured and bound, but he bears his affliction with patience and strength, trusting in God.
Alma 32:4
Alma teaches some people on a hill named Onidah, when all of a sudden, a large group of poor people come from behind.
Alma 32:5
The poor people explain that they are not allowed into the churches, and as such, have no way of worshipping.
Alma 32:6
Alma turns around, ignores his previous audience, and turns his attention towards the poor people.
Alma 32:7
Alma, ignoring the others, begins teaching the penitent.