Alma’s Teachings to the Zoramites

To the Penitent

Alma 32:8-11
The lowly of heart are blessed; did you think you could only worship God once a week in synagogues?
Alma 32:12
Humility leads to wisdom; poverty leads to humility.
Alma 32:13
The humble seek repentance, and the repentant find mercy and salvation.
Alma 32:14
Those that are humble by necessity are blessed, but more blessed are those who voluntarily humble themselves because of the word.
Alma 32:15
The voluntarily humble are more blessed than those who are humble out of necessity.
Alma 32:16
Blessed are those who believe without stubbornness, and who believe without first being compelled to knowledge.
Alma 32:17-18
Sign-seeking is incompatible with faith; knowledge precludes the presence of belief.
Alma 32:19-20
Knowledge, in contrast to belief, comes with greater accountability and expectation of action.

Understanding Faith

Alma 32:21
Faith is not a perfect knowledge; the faithful hope for unseen—yet true—things.
Alma 32:22
God desires and is merciful to believers.
Alma 32:23
God imparts his word by angels to men, women, and children.
Alma 32:24
Alma does not mean judge the poor by any untrue standard.
Alma 32:25
Not all the poor are compelled to humility; many among them would have been voluntarily humble even in other circumstances.
Alma 32:26
The truth of Alma’s words can not be known for sure at first, because faith is different than knowing.
Alma 32:27
A desire to believe, or a particle of faith, can begin an experiment on Alma’s words.

The Word as a Seed

Alma 32:28
The word is compared to a seed, planted in your heart, which swells, enlarges, enlightens, and becomes delicious.
Alma 32:29
Although not perfect knowledge, this process will increase faith.
Alma 32:30
The seed is identified as good, and strengthens faith, and knowledge of goodness of the seed is acquired.
Alma 32:31–32
Knowledge of the goodness of the seed is a type of surety.
Alma 32:33
Knowledge of goodness is a result of experimenting on the word.
Alma 32:34
Perfect knowledge of the effects and results of planting the seed is the product of an enlightened understanding, and an expanded mind.
Alma 32:35
The personal illumination that is obtained through this process is a discernible reality.

Towards the Tree of Life

Alma 32:36
This is not the end; faith is still required despite determining that the seed is good.
Alma 32:37
As the seed grows into a tree, it requires nourishing to take root and bear fruit.
Alma 32:38
Neglecting the tree will prevent it from taking root, and cause the tree to wither and die.
Alma 32:39
The death of the tree—and the consequent lack of fruit—is not a reflection on the quality of the seed, but rather a consequence of barren soil and malnourishment.
Alma 32:40
Failure to nourish the word prevents the reaping of the fruit of the tree of life.
Alma 32:41
Careful, patient attention to the tree as it grows up will enable it to spring up unto everlasting life.
Alma 32:42
Diligent care of the tree will cause it to take root and bear precious fruit, the feasting upon which will satisfy all hunger and thirst.
Alma 32:43
Diligence, patience, and long suffering are rewarded by the reaping the fruit of the tree.

Private Worship

Alma 33:1
Upon hearing Alma’s words, the people want to know how to implement Alma’s teachings about belief, faith, and obtaining fruit.
Alma 33:2
Alma replies by telling them that they misunderstand the scriptures if they belief that worship can only take place in a synagogue.
Alma 33:3–12
Alma reminds them of the words of Zenos, who taught that God is merciful towards those who engage in private worship.

The Son of God

Alma 33:12–14
Zenos taught that God turns away his judgement because of his Son.
Alma 33:15–17
Zenock taught that the Lord is angry with this people because they refuse to understand his mercy.
Alma 33:19
Moses also taught about the Son of God by raising a type in the wilderness.
Alma 33:20
Not many people understood Moses’ type, and its healing power, and disbelieved because of their hard hearts.
Alma 33:21
If healing came simply by looking, would you rather look and be healed, or disbelieve and perish?
Alma 33:22
If you are inclined to be healed, the believe in the Son of God, his atonement, his resurrection, and his saving power.
Alma 33:23
Plant this word in your hearts, nourish it, and it will become a tree springing up to everlasting life, granting you the joy of the Son of God.