Amulek’s Teachings to the Zoramites

The Word in Christ

Alma 34:1
Alma sits down, and Amulek gets up to teach the people.
Alma 34:2
You must know of the coming of Christ, the Son of God, because there were ample teachings about Him prior to your dissension.
Alma 34:3–4
Alma taught about faith and patience in affliction, and to experiment of the word’s goodness.
Alma 34:5–6
The great question is weather or not this ’word’ is in Christ ; Alma has demonstrated that it is.
Alma 34:7
Alma appealed to Zenos, Zenock, and Moses to demonstrate the truth of these things.
Alma 34:8
Amulek testifies of the truth of the coming of Christ, and knows that Christ will take upon the him the transgressions of his people.

A Great and Last Sacrifice

Alma 34:9
Fallen man would be doomed to perish unless an atonement were to be made.
Alma 34:10
An infinite and eternal great and last sacrifice is required.
Alma 34:11
One man’s sacrifice cannot atone for another man’s sins.
Alma 34:12
Men are accountable for their own sins, therefore nothing short of an infinite atonement can atone for the sins of the world.
Alma 34:13
A great and last sacrifice will fulfill the law of Moses, and mark the end of blood sacrifice.
Alma 34:14
The entire law of Moses points towards the infinite and eternal great and last sacrifice of the Son of God.
Alma 34:15
The intent of this last sacrifice is to bring salvation to believers by causing mercy to overpower justice, and allow for faith to repent.
Alma 34:16
Only faith unto repentance grants access to the type of mercy that satisfies justice.

Faith Unto Repentance

Alma 34:17-25
Exercise faith unto repentance, praying for mercy continually, requesting blessings over even your temporal affairs.
Alma 34:26
Pray in private.
Alma 34:27
Carry a prayer in your heart for yourself and for others.
Alma 34:28
Prayer is useless unless it as accompanied by ministering unto others.
Alma 34:29
Your worthiness is based on your remembering to be charitable.

The Day of Salvation

Alma 34:30
Based on so many witnesses, come forth and bring fruit unto repentance.
Alma 34:31
The day of your salvation is now, humility and repentance will bring about the plan of redemption immediately.
Alma 34:32
This life is the time to prepare to meet God.
Alma 34:33
Do not procrastinate the day of your repentance.
Alma 34:34
The next life is not the time to repent: the same sinful spirit of this life will persist in the next.
Alma 34:35
Procrastinating repentance cuts you off from the Spirit of God, and seals you to the Devil.
Alma 34:36
God dwells in the hearts of the righteous; the blood of the Lamb cleanses the righteous, who have a permanent place in the kingdom of God.

Closing Exhortations

Alma 34:37
Remember these things, work out your salvation, be God-fearing, and don’t deny the coming of Christ.
Alma 34:38
Receive the Holy Ghost, take Christ’s name upon you, worship in humility wherever you might be, and be grateful.
Alma 34:39
Pray that you may not be led into temptation; no good thing awaits you there.
Alma 34:40
Be patient, bear your afflictions, and don’t revile against those who reject you.
Alma 34:41
Patiently hope that one day you will rest from your afflictions.