Cataclysmic Destruction (34 AD)

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A tremendous storm of unprecedented magnitude strikes the land. Zarahemla catches fire, the city of Moroni sinks into the sea, and the city of Moronihah is smashed by a colossal mound of earth. The land northward is ravaged and severely defaced. Many cities burn or are shaken to the point of destruction—the death toll is horrific. Some people get caught in whirlwinds, and are carried away, never to be heard from again. Rocks split and scatter, and the entire face of the land changes dramatically. The massive storm lasts about three hours; when it settles, there is nothing but darkness. The darkness tangibly engulfs the survivors. All attempts to light any kinds of fires in the mists of darkness fail. The darkness lasts for three days as the surviving people lament their cause, and wish they had repented.

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